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Belize All Inclusive Family Vacations


Family Vacations in Belize – Fun For the Whole Family!


Long known by its colonial name of British Honduras, modern day Belize is a small country in Central America. Located adjacent to the Bay of Honduras rather than the country of Honduras, Belize has retained much of its British heritage, the only nation in the region where English is the official language.


Belize gained full independence from Great Britain in 1981 and has since focused its efforts on preserving and protecting its rich natural diversity and abundant wildlife. Despite being approximately the same size as Vermont, Belize has lush landscapes that range from mountains and waterfalls in the west to savannahs and rainforests in the east, and there are hundreds of gorgeous tropical islands on its offshore reef. The government of Belize has created parks, nature preserves, and wildlife areas throughout the country, including the world’s very first jaguar preserve.


Long known for its wild beauty and abundance of adventure destinations, Belize is rapidly becoming a popular spot for vacationing families. With year-round balmy weather and exotic wildlife, Belize gives both children and adults a much-needed respite from computers, video games, and phone screens. Parks and animal sanctuaries allow the entire family to learn, see, and even touch wild animals and exotic flora like orchids that thrive in Belize’s climate. Belize is an environmentally diverse country, home to animals like jaguars, crocodiles, toucans, parrots, monkeys, and giant iguanas.


Belize is also home to more Maya ruins than anywhere else. For thousands of years, the Maya ruled a vast empire that stretched from Mexico to El Salvador, building enormous stone palaces, pyramids, and temples. Exploring these ancient sites makes for a wonderful hands-on education, and children love to clamber around the gigantic buildings and marvel at the elaborately carved friezes and stelae that include writing in one of the world’s oldest languages.


And when it comes to adventures, there are plenty of thrills and spills for every member of the family. The enormous Belize Barrier Reef, a collection of atolls and islands, is like a giant aquarium filled with colorful fish, anemones, and animals. The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and pure white sand beaches make the sea like glass, letting the whole family enjoy fabulous snorkeling and scuba diving.


And if you have a budding Indiana Jones in your family, he or she will love exotic adventures like cave tubing where you float on an inner tube through a series of subterranean caves, many of which still contain ancient Maya relics and human remains. Other adventures include zip lining through the jungle canopy, canoeing, kayaking, and exploring the many sacred caves that dot the landscape.


Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure vacation or simply want to relax and drink in the beauty of nature, Belize is a fantastic destination for the whole family.


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All Inclusive Belize Family Vacations

When Caves Branch first started operating 10 years ago, we thought our adventures were inappropriate for children and discouraged families from making reservation at Caves Branch.







What makes Caves Branch a great choice for an adventurous family vacation?


All Inclusive Belize Family Vacations - Kid Friendly AdventuresKid/Teen Friendly Adventures


Children and teens excel on most of the adventures, opening their minds to what adventure is truly about. Their energy usually leaves the adults behind in a cloud of dust.

All Inclusive Belize Family Vacations - On site ActivitiesON-SITE ACTIVITIES FOR EVERYONE


With the Caves Branch river, pool, recreation center and botanical gardens on site, there is lots for all ages to do at the lodge. The best part…spending “unplugged” time together without the distractions of the outside world.

All Inclusive Belize Family Vacations - Belize AccommodationsSPACIOUS ACCOMMODATIONS


Our two bedroom treehouses and spacious jungle suites and cabanas provide comfortable accommodations for families up to six. Bunk beds can be provided on request.

All Inclusive Belize Family Vacations - Family Friendly PricingFAMILY FRIENDLY PRICING


Our Adventure package is put together specially for families to enjoy a fun yet affordable vacation at Caves Branch.


adventure kid


For those families with children of a mixed age, we are able to provide babysitting services for children too young to participate on trips.


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