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6 Great Reasons to Treat Your Family to a Belize Adventure Vacation


What’s more gut-wrenching than bundling your kids into boots, coats, mittens and hats to send them off to school in winter than hearing your child plead: “Mom, how come we can’t go on vacation like Bobby’s family? He got to pack a bathing suit and sunscreen and it’s freezing outside!” Of course, you could beat Bobby’s family to the Caribbean by planning your own warm and sunny adventure—-a holiday that’s probably badly needed by every family member. Where to go? To the family vacation capital of the western hemisphere, Belize. Need reasons? These six are just the tip of the iceberg—-make that the top of the palm tree!

1. Wonderful Belize Weather

Bathing suits are in fashion year-round thanks to Belize’s perpetually warm weather. Sure it’s warmer in summer, but tropical breezes and cooling rain showers won’t dampen your enthusiasm or delight, and if just the thought of 80 degrees in December and January excite you, we rest our case. Looking to save a few bucks? Belize in May or September brings discounts and bargains, so even your wallet gets a vacation.

2. Mystical Mayans

Your youngsters could sit in classrooms for years and still not develop a full appreciation for the history they will witness at Belize’s world-famous Mayan ruins. Living history educates faster than staring at textbooks and if you bring along a book on Mayan folklore, your child’s imagination will soar. Many Mayan sites require trekking through jungles or rainforests, so if you’re eager to expose the kids to biology, ecology and other disciplines, they won’t have a clue that they’re learning every minute.

3. Jumpin’ Jungles!

When the silence of a Belize jungle gives way to loud cries of howler monkeys, your children will stop in their tracks. While you’ve got their attention, point out the exotic plants, flowers and foliage along the way as they scour the bushes for wildlife sightings. But walking through jungles isn’t the only way to explore these wild and untamed lands: Put the kids on a horse, allow them to Zip-line over tree canopies and take them to waterfalls and caves that Indiana Jones would find worthy of exploration.

4. Bountiful Beaches

Can you get the kids to settle down on a blanket or towel for short periods of time? Of course. Especially since Belize beaches are always so close. If your children are old enough to help paddle a kayak or accompany you on a scuba dive, give them the chance to touch Belize’s famous, ancient coral reef that teems with aquatic life. A resort without a swimming pool? Don’t be silly! When a calming swim is called for after a full day on the go, floating around a pool makes a great activity for all family members.

5. Sensational Snorkeling

Belize’s aforementioned barrier reef makes an exciting adventure on its own, and if everyone in the family wants to snorkel together, the memories you can make will be monumental. You couldn’t miss spotting the Belize Barrier Reef if you tried: it sprawls the entirety of the Belize coastline, and because the waters surrounding the reef are easily navigated, even newbies can learn the pleasures of snorkeling. We recommend visiting the Kids-Activities-Learning-Games site ( before you leave for Belize to get your kids ready for the fun that awaits.

6. Awesome Belize Accommodations

Before you had children, your vacations may have been focused on adults-only resorts where the only sound you hear from a child’s mouth is at the Belize City airport when you arrive and leave. Everything’s changed. You wouldn’t think of leaving the children home when there’s a world awaiting your shared discoveries, so make sure you pick a place that doesn’t just welcome kids—it embraces them.

You would be hard-pressed to find a property that has as much going for it as does Caves Branch Jungle Lodge! Even the name is thrilling. Stop what you’re doing right now and visit the resort’s website, Need a push to move your plans from thought to action? Scroll to the bottom of the Jungle Lodge family page to peruse the awards this resort has earned. By the way, in case your tots are too young for the adventures your older kids desire, babysitting services are available so everyone gets a vacation—-even you!



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