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Caves Branch

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Belize’s Epic Adventures & Garden of Eden


Upon entering Ian Anderson's Caves Branch driveway, the jungle wraps around every side. The gravel pathway compliments the surroundings and everything is just a tad shade darker since it is hidden from the sunlight. Up above, far past the canopy you can see the bright blue skies as white clouds drift by; I’ve never seen nature as beautiful as it is here. It is as if you have your very own Garden of Eden in Belize.

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

The dinner/reception area and the pool stand out like a cherry on a chocolate cake. The pool is beautiful and the sounds of flowing water soothes the mind as the clean air is being breathed in. just as soon as I looked up to see what else was there, I was greeted by Eugene and was offered cold towels that smelled like lemons and an iced fruit punch drink. As I sat down and wiped my face and neck, I took a sip of my drink and realized how humid and hot the day was. I was so distracted by the beautiful surroundings I just didn’t pay any attention to the heat.

I checked in and our luggage was carried to our jungle suite accommodation. The pathway was beautiful and the flowers and trees surrounded our room. There was a huge painting that decorated the room, it was relaxing just to sit in our screened in suite and just stare at it for a while.

Belize Jungle Suites

It was still early so we unpacked our bags and relaxed in the surprisingly cool room after a quick shower in our outdoor shower. We slowly strolled to the dinner area which was already getting crowded since the other guests who went on tours were back. We were served a delicious bowl of the tastiest chips and salsa. We sat at the bar and met some really nice people there.

Caves Branch - Dinner Time

A four course meal was served and we all sat together like one big happy family as the course was being brought out. We heard numerous stories of epic adventures in the caves of Belize and of trips to Tikal in Guatemala and more. It was awesome just listening! All the details of the tours were retold as if it had somehow left an impression in the lives of these people. They were happy, energetic and friendly. It created a warm atmosphere for us and we felt right at home.

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