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Caves Branch

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“Hardest adventure was leaving!!”


We had never considered leaving an adventure – but this couple had a different perspective. “We just returned from caves branch and I still feel I left my heart there.” Good-byes are always sad, after you’ve stayed with us and become a part of the family – gosh we’d keep you here if we could!

Belize Jungle Lodge
Photo Credit: Justin Balog

Caves branch blew me away. Now I will explain more in detail as I am completely sure this is not for everyone. First, if you're looking for a 5 star relax and not move vacation this is not it. You will step outside your comfort zone, if you want to bring work with you, IE Internet; this is definitely not the place.” We definitely love those who live for adventures and they love us for it too. Nature and the jungle is a part of what we are here, as we are located in the middle of the Belize jungle. Before you book, you might want to check: is Caves Branch is right for you?

Belize Jungle Suites

Rooms were spotless, modest, but so beautiful. We stayed in the jungle suites … there are no glass windows, all screen, a little unnerving at first as you feel exposed until you step out and see how dense the foliage is. You will certainly lose your way a time or two. It all adds to the atmosphere, you can hear the jungle sounds, fall asleep with hearing them and wake up to them. The suites have a very nice bathroom, drinking water, and indoor shower that we never used because they have a private outdoor shower. The hot water was temperamental, but I didn't want a hot shower in the jungle!!! The bed was comfortable, and you are so tired you sleep well every night.” There are several other accommodations available in the jungle that ranges from the very adventurous to almost luxury. All rooms are quite comfortable and are screened in as mentioned by the couple.

Dinning Area

I've never felt so welcome anywhere. All the staff turns into family, as well as the other guests. The best part is sharing your adventures over dinner! I have to mention something at this point. I have read people complaining about Internet. I have to believe its intentional they don't have it. They spare no expense here, they could afford it, but it would ruin the atmosphere. At dinner everyone was talking, laughing, sharing. If they had wifi how many of us would be updating Facebook instead? How many would eat quickly and head back to the room to watch the latest game of thrones episode??… it was the experience of a lifetime. I didn't go into detail about the tours, I don't want to spoil them. I will say this, I'm in good shape, and the black hole drop had me pouring sweat and panting. But, we had a 60+ woman that did it, so you have no excuse! The guides are caring, and careful enough to challenge you but keep it at a pace you can handle. Also, we had a 9 year old kid with us, and he made us all look like scared kids compared to how he handled it. I just want to say thanks to Ian, Ella and all the wonderful staff for the time we had. Truly felt like family, I can't wait to return!!!

The dining area is a communal area where people can interact with other guests and eat the most delicious foods served at a buffet over a conversation about the day’s adventures or any topic that seems mutual with your new friends. We are glad that each of you has had a wonderful vacation in Belize.

Belize Black Hole Drop

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