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Surprising Discoveries about Belize


Lenore from Travel Gear for Women visited Belize and made her way all over our little slice of paradise and made some surprising discoveries about Belize.


  • Belize is safe for Women traveling alone or in groups.

“Belize lacks the machismo culture of Latin America, identifying more with its Creole identity and British pedigree as the former British Honduras.  I met a young Australian woman traveling alone who marveled at the difference as she traveled overland from Mexico to Belize.  From the adventure center of the Cayo District in eastern Belize to the Caribbean cayes (pronounced same as keys) on the coast, I felt perfectly safe, night and day, using a traveler’s necessary sense of caution, of course.”

About Belize

  • Belizeans speak English even though it is almost the center of Latin America.

“A traveler who only speaks English pointed out to me how much easier it is to get around, read signs, or strike up conversations with locals, making Belize an easy destination if you lack Spanish skills.  Though English is officially spoken in this British Commonwealth nation, you’ll also hear Creole, Low German from the Mennonites, Chinese from some of the shopkeepers, and even Mayan and Garifuna.” “Belizeans are kind-hearted, friendly and Helpful”

Belize Culture

  • Mennonites Grow A Large amount of the Food in Belize

“Low German-speaking Mennonites feed Belize from their organic homesteads, producing most of the country’s eggs, dairy and produce as well as building most of its furniture.  After migrating in the 1950s, the Mennonites still remain insular and the government honors their refusal to pay taxes or serve in the military.”

About Belize

  • We are a “Tropical Rainforest and Caribbean Wonderland”

“Where else can you explore Mayan magnificence in monuments and history as well as chill to the sounds of reggae on a sandy Caribbean beach?

Belize offers two kinds of vacations.  In the Mayan Mountains, fall asleep to jungle chatter in an lodge after exploring crystal caves full of Mayan artifacts or climbing a pyramid.  There is a wondrous array of Mayan ruins, many recently discovered within the jungle growth, with astounding histories. 


About Belize - Xunantunich Mayan Archaeological Site


Then head to the Caribbean coast – mojitos at sunset and snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef, the world’s second largest.”

Belize diving

“So explore this different corner of Latin America, where the people are Creole, your rice and beans arrive with coconut shavings and the sun washes massive Mayan plazas.”

These are some of the best reasons to come to Belize.

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