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Top 5 Thing’s to do in and around Belize’s Capital City!


Belmopan is the Tourism Gateway to Belize. By passing through Belmopan, you can experience all the beauty Belize has to offer by just taking a mere right hand or left hand turn. Here are the Top 5 Cultural Attractions in and around Belmopan.

1) Discover the Cave of the Crystal Maiden (Actun Tunichil Muknal or ATM)


The ATM cave is a hiking and adventure experience, with the element of ancient Mayan archaeology. You will hike through the jungle, cross a flowing river three times, swim into the entrance of the cave, and follow the footsteps of ancient Mayan priests to experience a world very few people have, or ever will. This cave is ranked as #1 of the Top Ten Caves by the National Geographic Society.


ATM Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in Belize with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Jungle Lodge


2) Cave Tubing


Who wouldn’t want to experience floating down the Caves Branch River, and then walking in the steps of the ancient Mayan’s Shaman? In addition to floating in and out of breath taking ancient caves, you will see actual Mayan artifacts, and experience a lovely picnic lunch, all while being surrounded by the darkness of the cave with only your headlamp to light the way.
Cave tubing in Belize with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Jungle Lodge

3) Market Day


Every Tuesday and Friday, you will find the local farmers, fisherman, and artisan’s selling their wares at the market. The smells of various fruits and vegetables in the air envelope you as you walk by each stall. The colors are vibrant, and the variety of textures should not be missed when visiting the market.
Market Day in Belmopan with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Jungle Lodge
Market Day in Belmopan 2 with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Jungle Lodge

4) The Belize Zoo


This is a must stop for everyone! This zoo may be small (located on 29 acres of tropical savannah), but it has a lot of class and style. This zoo was established in 1983 in an effort to provide homes for animals that were used in a film documentary. Today, the zoo proudly boasts over 150 animals, and over 45 different species of animals. All of the animals at the zoo are indigenous to Belize (none are from other countries), which makes the zoo unique in itself. The zoo is also the first nature destination in Belize that is accessible for visitors with physical disabilities.
The Belize Zoo, Jaguar, with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge

5) The Inland Blue Hole

This favorite attraction is located 12 miles outside of Belmopan on the Hummingbird Highway. This inland Blue Hole is a sinkhole that formed by a collapse of an underground river channel. The cool, turquoise water, surrounded by dense rain forest, overhung with moss, vines and ferns, is the perfect spot for a cool and relaxing dip, so don’t forget to bring your bathing suit!!
The inland blue hole in Belize with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Jungle Lodge
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