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About Belize

About Belize


Belize is a relatively small country (only 8,866 square miles, about the size of Massachusetts, USA), with a total population of approximately 321,115. Bordered on the north by Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the west and south by Guatemala, it is the only country in the world able to boast that in a single day it’s possible to go from tropical forest to the longest barrier reef (185 miles) in the western hemisphere. The barrier reef is comprised of more than 170 Cayes and Atolls as well as numerous mangrove systems both offshore and along the cost. A tremendous wetlands environment exists here offering homes and refuge to many birds, mammals, reptiles, fish and other marine life. The mainland of Belize combines a great variety of landscapes, terrains and vistas. More than 500 Mayan ruins dot the country. With Caves Branch centrally located just 12 miles south of Belmopan, we are located in close proximity to most of the Mayan sites.

Weather & Climate

Belize enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate. The prevailing breezes from the Caribbean Sea nicely temper the humidity, averaging 85%. With an annual average temperature of 79F, ranging from a low of 60F in winter to 96F in the summer, Belize welcomes you to a land with a practically perfect climate year round. The ocean temperature ranges from 75F to 84F. Belize enters its rainy season at the end of June, and anywhere from light rain showers to heavy storms can be expected through the middle of February. Annual rainfall ranges from a low of 50 inches in the northern sections to a high of 170 inches in the rainforests of the south.

The People

Belize is steeped in Caribbean culture and the lifestyle here is very casual. The Belizean people are a unique cultural combination. Maya, Creole, British, Spanish, Garifuna, and Mennonite, all share the rich lands that make up Belize. These myriad cultural and racial backgrounds have succeeded in maintaining their distinct heritages, while managing to live harmoniously. The influence of all these cultures have made Belize a remarkably integrated society.



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