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Caves Branch

Tips & Tricks for Blister prevention and care

Many adventurers both new to the hobby and seasoned ones come to Belize to experience our adventures. Unfortunately, you can start off having a wonderful journey when all of a sudden things can take a turn for the worst…you feel a blister coming on!

Many Manatees seen in Belize

Manatees are one of the “most iconic and threatened animals in the world’s oceans” and researchers in Belize have come together with strengthened efforts to protect them. Flying overseas in a small plane, researchers have seen a record 507 manatees this year!

Something Everyone Will Enjoy

“Haven’t you heard? The Belize zoo is one of the “Must See” zoos! Our little zoo has been quite popular among locals and visitors. If you have an interest in wildlife and would like to see native animals of Belize then a visit to the Belize Zoo is a must.”

“Top 10 Summer Destinations 2012”

It seems that this is a month for lists! Here again we have another list for you. See who’s listed in the Top 10 Summer Destinations for 2012…

World’s Best Zoos

This can be considered as a family adventure or even a kids adventure everyone loves the zoo. You will definitely enjoy your trip to one of the top 10 best zoos worldwide!

Overnight Jungle Expeditions in Belize

There are two adventures that would be perfect to highlight in this post. The first one is called the Overnight Jungle Expedition and the other is called “Jungle Quest” Expedition. Here is what Ross Garth said about the overnight tour:

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