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Caves Branch

6 Great Reasons to Treat Your Family to a Belize Adventure Vacation

What’s more gut-wrenching than bundling your kids into boots, coats, mittens and hats to send them off to school in winter than hearing your child plead: “Mom, how come we can’t go on vacation like Bobby’s family? He got to pack a bathing suit and sunscreen and it’s freezing outside!” Of course, you could beat Bobby’s family to the Caribbean by planning your own warm and sunny adventure—-a holiday that's probably badly needed by every family member. Where to go? To the family vacation capital of the western hemisphere, Belize. Need reasons? These six are just the tip of the iceberg—-make that the top of the palm tree!

The Family Adventure Vacation: How to Wean Your Kids from Their Devices!

  Take the adventure of a lifetime   Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair is not the only child psychologist on the planet worried about how quickly small children become addicted to technology. One-year-old toddlers master devices fast. Some become so conditioned to swiping screens, they have temper tantrums when the device is removed from their hands. It’s a

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