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Caves Branch

Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins

If you stay up in the tree houses, muffins along with coffee and tea are brought up for you early in the morning. To wake up to the smell of sweet blueberry cake muffins makes for a perfect beginning to an adventurous day!

Fried Jacks

Fried jacks can be the perfect breakfast treat! They are tasty and can be paired with almost any meat, cooked vegetables or gravy. Our guests love them with fried beans, eggs and sausages….

Belize & Belizean Food

Belizean food can also be considered as an adventure! It has become a major experience that many of our visitors deem a “must” when visiting our small country. Although we are located around many Latin American countries in Central America, Belizean delicacies have sort of a British influence..

Spanish Smokey Rice

Some of our Facebook fans suggest that Spanish Smokey Rice goes well with lamb kebobs. We hope that you will enjoy this recipe…

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