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The Best Family Adventure Vacation in Belize



According to the American Psychological Association’s journal, both adults and kids benefit from visiting other cultures. It’s not just that all family members step outside their comfort zones, eat different foods and are exposed to different languages, but traveling abroad is linked to creativity, too. 

Travel to another society and tests prove it’s easier to solve puzzles outside familiar surroundings because “everything looks different” so brains work in creative ways. The longer a family stays, the more creativity each member exhibits. Pair this prospect with a visit to Belize and you’ll set your children’s imaginations on fire. 

A family vacation in Belize paves the way for imaginative thinking and since everyone speaks English, there are no language barriers. That stated, here are some of the most creative things your family can enjoy in a place that is so close to home, even your plane ride will be short enough to keep kids in good humor. 

Become cave dwellers 

Entertain the kids on the flight to Belize by having them read Jeffrey Brown’s 2017 adventure, “Lucy & Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold Age”. Then, surprise them with a visit to Belize’s caves. Pair that visit with a cave tubing expedition and don’t be surprised if you hear this request, “Please, please can we do that again?” 

Rumble in the jungle 

Belize’s lush landscape awaits your kids as you hike through rainforests that are home to myriad species of wildlife. Give kids cameras to capture majestic waterfalls, far-distant mountains and off-shore wonders that include little islands, the nation’s offshore reef and protected natural wonders. Photos are mandatory; especially as your youngsters encounter each new discovery. 

Tour ancient ruins 

Find Laurie Coulter’s classic book to prepare youngsters for ancient compounds once inhabited by Mayans thousands of years ago. “Secrets in Stone: All About Maya Hieroglyphics” is an intriguing read, so whether you read it aloud or the kids do, your visit to Mayan ruins will be enhanced even before your family arrives in Belize.

Grow your kids’ curiosity… 

…among gorgeous orchids, exotic vines and blooms, tropical trees and plants that cover Belize. Arrange a “night safari” so kids can look for kinkajous, Black Howler Monkeys and other nocturnal creatures. If taking little ones out at night is a non-starter, the Belize Zoo satisfies cravings for visits with exotic animals and you can teach a lesson in charitable giving by having your children bring school supplies for the Caves Branch “Pack for a Purpose” program so they help Belize students who can’t afford to buy them. 

Spy on animals 

If your children thought that all animals lived in zoos, open their eyes on a visit the world’s first jaguar preserve or spot up to 300 bird species as you travel around a nation that is so geographically small, kids won’t grow impatient. An affordable pair of binoculars can open their world to wonder, so be prepared for endless questions. 

Cave’s Branch: Belize’s one-of-a-kind family vacation spot 

belize vacations
Having comfortable digs during your family vacation is essential if everyone is to enjoy an idyllic “home base” that’s kid-friendly. Cave’s Branch all-inclusive deals are fun for everyone and if you don’t believe us, visit this page on the resort’s website. 

Click here for: Last Minute Belize Family Vacation Deals

Just how family friendly is Cave’s Branch? There are babysitters on staff should you want to take an older child on a special adventure away from his siblings or just enjoy an adults-only date. When we say that Cave’s Branch is the only place to vacation with the kids, we’re not joking!

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