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Why a Belize Adventure Vacation is Good for Health and Happiness


You don’t have to be a New Age hipster to know that spending time outdoors in a pristine, natural environment can do wonders for improving your psychological and physical health. If nothing else, just getting away from the demands of modern life helps people recharge, refresh, and restore their energy and good mood.

Multiple scientific studies have proven what we all know: being outdoors in nature is good for you. Studies have shown that people who take time off to relax outdoors have lower incidents of heart disease, sleep better at night, have improved blood pressure, and return to work refreshed and far more productive.

Belize is a small, developing country in Central America without even a single Starbucks, McDonald’s, or shopping mall. Belize’s greatest asset is not its high-speed internet or glittering highways but rather its abundance of lush nature, including huge tracts of pristine rainforests, colorful bird species such as toucans and parrots, and exotic wildlife such as pumas, giant iguanas, and crocodiles.

Belize vacations are the perfect antidote for the stresses of modern life, and the best lodge for enjoying nature at its finest in Belize is Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Recipient of multiple awards and a perennial TripAdvisor favorite, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is located right in the heart of the jungle near Belmopan in central Belize.

An oasis of comfort and luxury, Caves Branch is a Belize Jungle Lodge that was built by an outdoor enthusiast and adventure pioneer. Caves Branch Jungle Lodge specializes in healthy, fun, and exciting outdoor activities like bird watching, exploring a botanical garden, jungle trekking, rappelling, zip lining, and cave tubing (using an inner tube to float down underground rivers).

Nature means everything to Caves Branch, which is why every square foot of lumber used to build its luxurious tree houses was carried in by hand so as not to disturb the integrity of the jungle. Enjoying fantastic views of the nearby river valley and surrounding wilderness, the treehouses at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge have a full range of modern amenities, including hot and cold running water, electricity, and a screened-in porch that allows guests to watch in comfort as the jungle come to life each morning.

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is one of the finest Belize jungle lodges in the country and offers guests Belize all-inclusive vacation packages to enjoy the best activities, sights, and adventures that the country has to offer.

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