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Tips for Horseback riding in Belize



Horseback riding is a really nice way to enjoy nature while moving through the jungle trails along rivers and Mayan ruins. There is much to see, much that is not seen by many people who visit Belize. Before you take on the challenge of going horseback riding in Belize, here are a few tips that will help you to be safe and enjoy your experience:
  • Wear a helmet – wearing a helmet when mounting a horse is like putting on seat belts in a car. It is a must!
  • Be sure to find your balance when getting on the horse. Grab the reins with one hand and some of the mane to distract the horse from moving about too much.
  • When pulling up from the front of the saddle try to keep in the center and swing one foot over quickly. Be mindful that the horse will move a little. 
  • Remember to keep your heels down – this will ensure that your foot is not caught in the stirrup if the horse gets spooked for some reason.
  • Posture is also very important. Sit with your head and shoulders up or lean slightly back. This is a secure position for riding.
  • Start moving off slowly, this will help you to adjust until you are comfortable.
Remember to pay attention to the instructions of your guide and stay close to the group. If you are uncertain about anything feel free to mention it or ask questions. Here is a video that shows you how to correctly get on your horse. It takes practice to get it right, although some people get it on the first try. Good luck on your adventure!
Horseback Riding in Belize
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