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Belize Jungle Expeditions

Belize Jungle ExpeditionsSignature Tour - Cave Tubing in Belize


The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! This is a four-day/three-night hard core adventure for the hardiest and most adventurous of people. No couch potatoes allowed! Trust us when we say that the two-day Overnight Jungle Expedition is just a teaser in comparison. This is “Jungle Survival” at a premium.


Leave the Jungle Lodge with only a machete and your Bushman guide. Forge into the rainforest of Belize and in company with your guide you will search for your own meals, learn to make a shelter out of natural materials and survive on your own with little or nothing. When you return you will have proven that you are tougher then nails and stronger then steel. Certificates are awarded for this amazing accomplishment- Hey, you survived after all!


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